OUR Mission 

To help businesses realize their commitment to sustainability by providing cost effective plant based products made in USA.

Our Vision

To be our Customers most Valued and Trusted business partners.  

We are committed to a sustainable future and to improve the social, economic and environmental well being of our future.


About Us

We are an Innovative and Value driven Minority owned business Manufacturer providing 100% eco-friendly, PLANT BASED, Compostable Beverage Straws and Cocktail Drink Straws / Stirrers made in the USA from start to finish.  Our products are made from PLA which is derived from corn grown in the USA and meet the most stringent scientific requirement for Compostability and Biodegradability and are manufactured in a FDA Registered facility in USA.  

Perfect replacement for the current plastic straws and stirrers of any size, color, etc…

Your customers will appreciate you taking a responsible approach to sustainability and your contribution towards reducing carbon footprint.

 SUSTAINABILITY: It’s NOT a Destination…It’s On-Going Journey

Our Phase 1 Products – Straws and Stirrers are designed to reduce carbon footprint while providing the convenience of single-use products.  

Improve vital soil resources and help divert waste from landfills with our  cost-effective eco-friendly products made with pride in USA.  

Compostable GSP Cold Drink Stirrers

 Our 100% Eco-Friendly Compostable Plant based Cocktail Drink Stirrers are the best cost-effective alternative solution to plastic.  Made using Natural Renewable Resources grown in USA. 

Compostable GSP Straws

Our 100% Eco-Friendly Compostable Plant based Straws are  the best cost-effective alternative solution to plastic straws.  Made using Natural Renewable Resources grown in USA.

Compostable Giant GSP Straws

Our 100% Eco-Friendly Compostable Plant based Giant Straws are the perfect cost-effective alternative solution to replace your current plastic products. Made using Natural Renewable Resources grown in USA.

All Our Products are:  Fully Customizable (color, length, diameter, individual wrapping with brand label if needed);

(Not Recommended for Hot Beverages) 

Our Products are the best cost-effective sustainable solution to an on going plastic problem.  

We guarantee our products will NOT get soggy in your drinks or leave any pulp flavor and most importantly are NOT made from cutting down trees like Paper products and cost less then paper products.

Our Process


Our Process is well engineered and thoroughly designed;

We don’t use any PETROLEUM, CHEMICALS or PLASTIC particles.  

Our Products are Made from 100% Natural Renewable Resource grown in the USA!

Our products DO NOT get soggy in your drinks or leave any pulp taste like paper products and cost less then paper products thats our guarantee.

Think Green, Go Green, Support Green Products.

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1327 Adams Road, (Suite E) Bensalem, PA 19020

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