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GSP, is a proud manufacturer of Plant Based Eco-Friendly cost-effective compostable products made here in USA using PLA derived from corn grown in the USA. 

We truly believe we will be able to not only meet, but also exceed your expectations with our high quality products.

Here at GSP our ultimate goal is to provide our customers with well-engineered and top quality compostable products at the most competitive prices. Whether you are franchisee, restaurant, bar, hospital,  entertainment complex or a small neighborhood pizza shop, we offer the same top grade products and high quality service with the best turnaround production time in the industry. 

We pride ourselves on employing innovative thinking to develop the best solutions to address our customers’ most pressing business needs. 

Our products meet the most stringent scientific requirements for biodegradability and compostability and are manufactured in FDA certified approved manufacturing facility in USA.  Even though they are as light and strong as plastic, they fully biodegrade when composted properly.

Our straw and stirrers are designed to reduce carbon footprint while providing the convenience of single-use products.

We look forward to partnering with you and provide you with the best compostable products manufactured with pride here in USA.

Why Plastic vs Plant Based Products by GSP?

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